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Cruciani C Bracelets Lucky Star (fuchsia)

Cruciani launches a new bracelet especially created to support the Foundation “Mission Bambini” aiming to help poor, sick and uneducated children of Italy and all around the world.

Cruciani C Bracelets Freedom (fuchsia)

What is the color of freedom? Light blue as the sky or red like the sunset on the sea? Freedom is the new macramé bracelet from Cruciani C that comes to express the nature of your free spirit. A beautiful message for a summer full of lightheartedness and fun

Cruciani C Bracelets Parrot (peach fluo)

Can’t stop chatting! Wear the new collection "Zoo" Cruciani C is not only a pleasure but a way to communicate. Four different subjects are always an expression of a different message, to devote to yourself or those around you. Choose the one that best suits you or the person you want to give it...

Cruciani C Bracelets Hand of Fatima (fuchsia)

This amulet in the shape of an open palm is considered a powerful protection against wickedness, the evil eye, envy and bad thoughts all over Northern Africa and in some areas of the Middle East.

Cruciani C Bracelets Violetta Disney (fuchsia)

Violetta and her songs are travelling the world, and Cruciani C is once again riding the trend with the most sought after bracelet of the moment. The colourful new object of desire signed by Cruciani C has already caught the imagination of the fans, with orders flowing in and the inevitable...

Cruciani C Bracelets Mickey Mouse (fuchsia)

The icon of cartoons, loved by whole generations and the very symbol of the Walt Disney Company, becomes a nice bracelet available in a wide range of colours – from red to fuchsia, from midnight blue to bright green – that has already roused the curiosity of collectors and numerous followers of...

Cruciani C Bracelets Padlock & Key (fuchsia)

Inspired by the padlock tradition on the very famous “Milvio Bridge in Rome” where lovers fasten their padlocks and throw the key into the Tiber river imitating the protagonists of a famous film. This bracelet has been created to seal a love promise, but also a close friendship. It is sold in...