Cruciani C Bracelets Padlock & Key (black)

Inspired by the padlock tradition on the very famous “Milvio Bridge in Rome” where lovers fasten their padlocks and throw the key into the Tiber river imitating the protagonists of a famous film. This bracelet has been created to seal a love promise, but also a close friendship. It is sold in...

Cruciani C Bracelets Freedom (black)

What is the color of freedom? Light blue as the sky or red like the sunset on the sea? Freedom is the new macramé bracelet from Cruciani C that comes to express the nature of your free spirit. A beautiful message for a summer full of lightheartedness and fun

Cruciani C Bracelets Bonds of Love (black)

Violetta and her songs are travelling the world, and Cruciani C is once again riding the trend with the most sought after bracelet of the moment. The colourful new object of desire signed by Cruciani C has already caught the imagination of the fans, with orders flowing in and the inevitable...

Cruciani C Bracelets Poker (black)

The new accessory for this Christmas, directly inspired by winter holidays, by the moments shared with our family or friends around the fire, playing card games. Poker bracelet is a symbol of good luck for the new year!

Cruciani C Bracelets Halloween (black)

Dark, intriguing, mysterious, thrilling, ghostly, fascinating, magic. How many more adjectives could we pile on to define Halloween? What is sure is that the spirit of Halloween is contagious. That’s why this feast is one of the most loved and widespread all over the world, therefore this is the...

Cruciani C Bracelets Madiba (black)

Thank you Madiba! This is "Madiba" the bracelet tribute to one of the most important men of our century: Nelson Mandela. This name comes from the title of honor given by his clan, then it became a universal nickname to indicate his immense personality.

Cruciani C Bracelets Triangle (black)

Characterized by the brand’s unmistakable luxury pop style, this accessory will be ideal for the evening outfits of a sophisticated and demanding man who has an eye for detail, and doesn’t want to go unnoticed.

Cruciani C Bracelets Happy (black)

Happiness is to be shared! Cruciani C reinvents the four-leaf clover of a more stylish and ultra-modern design ever and this time with an openwork. You’ll find the Happy bracelet an irresistible must have, with countless nuances of happiness to choose from!